Thursday, August 23, 2012

All You Need to Know About Muscle Building

All You Need to Know About Muscle Building
A better understanding of the whole muscle building process will help you to more likely enjoy your workouts and achieve your personal training goals. Here are some important things you need to know and understand for a more effective muscle gain workout program:

1. Challenge yourself
Don’t do the same exercise routine throughout the whole process, or else your body will get used to the stimulus, and you’ll more likely gain less growth and strength. Your routine should gradually progress if you want your personal training to progress as well. Use heavier weight or increase the number of reps that you perform. This will help you see effective muscle gain as they become bigger and stronger.

2. Hormones

Training kick starts your body to produce a number of anabolic hormones, most notably testosterone and growth hormone, which are responsible for muscle growth and repair.

3. Failure
You must push your muscle gain London beyond their comfort zone. This means that occasionally, you will have to work a muscle to failure or to near failure, perform a lift to the point where you can no longer maintain perfect form. But, you don’t need to always resort to failure with every move.

4. Workout buddy
Sometimes, a machine isn’t enough for your personal training. Unlike a training partner or spotter, a machine can’t help you when doing really heavy lifts. He must concentrate as much as you and only ‘take the bar’ at the point of failure. A workout buddy or personal trainer can also help to keep you motivated and assist your forced reps.