Thursday, August 16, 2012

12 Steps to the Perfect Lift

weight lifting
You’ve been lifting for quite some time now for muscle gain, but how come you can’t see results? How you lift weights makes a huge difference. Lifting with poor form will likely get you injured. If you approach your workouts halfheartedly, then there’s little chance of you achieving your exercise goals. With the right focus and giving your 100% effort, you’ll surely see the changes and improved results on muscle gain. Here are 12 steps to keep in mind every time you do your lifts to push your lifting ability up to new levels:

1. Even during before your workout schedule, think about it for a few moments to get you mentally ready to lift optimally.

2. When you’re in the gym, don’t monkey around. Focus on what you need to do – optimize your lifting potential.

3. Check first that the bar, collars or bench, and any other equipment you will be using are working properly before you do lifts.

4. Crank up the volume of your MP3. Listening to music boosts lifting performance but make sure that your earphones and MP3 player are well out of the way when you’re lifting.

5. See to it that you have warmed up properly before lifting.

6. Self-talk before completing your reps. Focus and tell yourself that you will complete your set. Tell yourself that you are strong and powerful. Try to quickly run through your mind what you are about to do. Visualize the lift performed smoothly and at the right speed.

7. Breathe before each lift, brace your core and lift.

8. Brace your core but maintain the natural curves of your spine when lifting.

9. Exhale when your lower the weight. For the chest press, reverse the breathing process. Breathe out before lifting and breathe in as you press the weight. This will open the chest and allow you to work more of the muscle.

10. Make sure that you work through the full range of movement required for the lift. This ensures maximum muscle fibre recruitment and growth.

11. When the going gets tough, don’t sacrifice your form. Don’t arch your back on the bench press because this could get your injured.

12. Remain in the zone during workout. Keep focused and your muscles will respond.