Monday, January 7, 2013

Weight Loss Tips After the Holidays

Feel like you overate from too much holiday parties? Post-holiday personal training for weight loss shouldn’t be seen as a difficulty, there are simple and easy ways to help you lose those additional pounds and feel better about your body again. 

Weight Loss Tip 1: Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast
Starving yourself for weight loss will do you more harm than good. Eating breakfast is important to get your diet back on track. Make sure that your breakfast includes a balance of lean protein and fiber. 

Weight Loss Tip 2: Eat Melon
Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are high-liquid fruits that can help flush out toxins and relieve water retention and bloat. Have a cup of chopped fruit in the morning or a smoothie with vanilla yogurt and lime juice. 

Weight Loss Tip 3: Stock up on High in Potassium Foods
Foods that are high in potassium can help flatten your stomach by flushing out excess sodium in your system. Eat potassium-rich bananas, raisins, milk, and yogurt. 

Weight Loss Tip 4: Know Which Carbs to Avoid
Most people think that carbs are absolutely bad for you. The truth is, carbohydrates can help you slim down by giving you an energy boost. Avoid problematic carbs that are usually the processed kinds like white flour, refined grains, and added sugars. 

Weight Loss Tip 5: Eat Leafy Greens
Greens are essential to jump-starting any new eating plan because aside from being low in calories, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The best food you can eat are dark, leafy greens. 

Weight Loss Tip 6: Drink Lots of Water
You need a lot of water to keep your body running properly and flushing out lingering toxins. Increasing your water intake will help your kidneys excrete the excess salt and water from your body quickly and decrease the bloat.