Monday, November 5, 2012

Personal Training Workout During Cold Weather

Personal training in winter may seem like the least of your priorities, especially with the extreme cold weather. But before you set aside weight loss workout programs with your personal trainer in this lazy season, you should know that you can actually burn more calories in the winter, giving way to achieving your body fat loss and muscle gain goals. Compared to working out in summer where the heat and humidity can drag you down and tire you faster, the cold weather is invigorating. It stimulates your senses and makes you feel alive. The body has to work harder in colder weather, you endorphin production is boosted, which leads to a happier state of mind. Here are some tips when working out during cold weather:

Warm Up
Before working out, walk around or jog in place indoors for five minutes. When you head out, take 3-second breaks every few minutes for the first 10 minutes to give your body time to adjust.

winter exercise
Map Your Route
When planning a winter route, stable and safe footing should be your priority. For early-morning or evening workouts, scout out plowed and well lit streets and sidewalks to help you spot black ice. Look for a loop in your neighborhood that you can repeat as many times as you want. That way, if you become tired, slip on ice, or get wet, you will still be close to home and can quickly escape the elements.

Take Cover
Avoid open roads and paths near water. Tree-lined trails and city blocks with tall buildings can help protect you from biting winds and snow flurries.

Cool Down
Slow your pace for three to four minutes, then go inside to stretch to avoid getting too chilled during your cooldown. Take off extra layers and keep moving for another five to 10 minutes before showering.